I love making images.

With over 15 years of design, I've worked in tech, editorial, fashion, food, science, health, lifestyle, education and publishing. My specialties include creating and employing unique and authentic visual identity, voice, and brand across multi-platform media and marketing campaigns, creative typography and illustrative textile & surface pattern design. 

Recently named by AIGA as one of Philadelphia's 2016 top 100 designers, I have Awards of Excellence in Illustration from the Connecticut Art Directors Club, the New England AP News Executives Association, the New York City Society of Professional Journalists, and fellowships from the New York Studio School, Sumasil Foundation for Women’s Advancement, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, I-Park Artist Colony, and Takt Kunstprojektraum in Berlin. My positions and clients include Comcast, Jet Blue, Sesame Workshop, Polo Ralph Lauren, Mouth Foods, Barnard College, Juliska, Hearst Publications, University of the Arts, Moore College of Art & Design, Fleisher Art Memorial, and LivinitApp, along with many freelance small business entrepreneurs.

A lover of learning and process who is inspired by all things, I can teach you to draw an enormous anatomically correct head and pin an ancient wasp perfectly through the non-spine. I know all 17 parts of the human brain and have meditated for 300 hours with Indian masters to teach people how we can access them. I've taught people from Uzbekistan and Russia and Thailand about how their tongues work and how to say "It's not just hot, it's boiling!" I've photoshopped hundreds of Sesame puppets and worked in world class museums.

I earned my MFA with famed Abstract Expressionist Grace Hartigan at Maryland Institute College of Art, and BFA from Syracuse University's Illustration program with intensives at New York Studio School, New York Academy of the Arts, the Center for Book Arts, and Pyramid Atlantic Paper studio. I make everything. Drawings, textiles, typography. Videos, poems and sound art. Paintings, ceramics, paper airplanes. Cardboard sculptures, wax sculptures, plaster sculptures. Wood stuff and dirt stuff. Papermaking. Bookbinding. And of course Tons. Of. Design. 

I am a self-starter, critical thinker and problem solver— a quick learn with tongue and eye for nailing trends. My strength is brainstorming big with meticulous attention to detail. I have a happy marriage of brain hemispheres and believe in fun plus pragmatic strategy. My painting and illustration background give me a strong head for color theory and concept with minimal image, maximum impact. I design to address material and process, enhance visual literacy, and evoke imagery and sensory interaction to show people something they didn't know that they had to see. 

Enjoy my site!